HP Laserjet Enterprise P3010 / P3015 Fuser Error’s

Fuser Error 50.x

A fuser assembly error has appeared.
● Fuser Error 50.1: Low fuser temp of thermistor (TH1)
● 50.2 Fuser Error: Fuser warm up service
● Fuser Error 50.3: elevated fuser temp of thermistor#1 (TH1)
● 50.4 Fuser Error: faulty fuser assembly (drive circuit failure)
● 50.8 Fuser Error: low fuser temp of thermistor (TH2)
● 50.9 Fuser Error: higher fuser temp of thermistor#2 (TH2)

Suggested Solutions

1. power off and power back on the HP Laserjet Printer to decide if the error is chronic.
2. Determine that the appropriate fuser is installed in the HP Laserjet P3010 / P3015.
3. Make sure that the correct voltage fusing assembly is mounted in the HP Laserjet Printer.
4. 50.2 Fuser error: Ensure that the Connection adapter J8002 and J1505 are completely installed on the (ECU) Engine Control Unit, and connection adapter J18 is fully connecting on the fuser assembly.
5. 50.1 Fuser Error, 50.3 Fuser Error, 50.8 Fuser Error and Fuser Error 50.9: Ensure that the connections J18 and J1608 are fully really connected on the (ECU) Engine Control Unit.
6. 50.8 Fuser Error: Pull out the fuser assembly and confirm there is no residual toner. Toner may build up on your fusing assembly.
7. 50.4 fuser error: Ensure that the power supply to the HP Printer matches the technical specs for the HP Laserjet Printer.

NOTE: If the electrical power supplied to the HP printer. is outside the standards, the fuser assembly temperature control circuit is not going to work properly, causing a fuser malfunction. Confirm that the connection J1002 and J1505 are completely connectd on the Engine Control Unit. In case the error continues, exchange the Engine Control Unit (ECU).

8. In case the error persists, swap out the fusing assembly.

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